Furniture Ideas For Your Hairdresser

Your business not only makes it unique the service it offers but also the decoration it has. The more comfortable, clean, elegant and friendly your salon looks, the better your customers’ experience will be.

As you know, In our last post we discussed some important factors to take into account to decorate your hairdressing salon, but in this opportunity, I will delve into some styles, furniture, and tips, so that you have a broader idea of the characteristics of each one.


Next, I will describe some very creative and functional forms, based on the descriptions and photos of an article in the virtual magazine Hogarus.


It is characterized by subtle lighting and materials of smooth finishes; It is a simple style, preferably for a young audience. Mix the gray, white, black and beige colors with metallic shades.

For small hairdressers, it is recommended to use mirrors and stickers with abstract images, as well as double-colored furniture. “For the choice of chairs choose a simple look with transparent acrylic finishes, like tables.” Choose clever designs just like how you choose a designer king bed to make it more inviting.


It offers a warm and pleasant atmosphere thanks to its primary material, wood, which gives an ecological aspect and can be mixed with both classical and modern elements.

The primary colors are gold and silver, and to provide greater elegance; you can use mirrors with carved wood finishes, as well as classic style armchairs.

To this, you can add some detail to stripes or animal print, either a cushion, a painting or a wall – this will bring a stylized touch.

Messy and attractive

The article by Hogarus states that this is the most appropriate style for large classrooms. It is characterized by using “metallic and gray tones, chandeliers and square armchairs, as well as mirrors, which vary from circular to metal-finished squares .”


This trend fuses the old with the modern creating a romantic atmosphere. The mirrors can be in gold, silver or white; As for the walls, one of them can go in rough brick or an imitation of this and the others, in white, gray and even on old paper.

The colors that predominate are the clear ones -white and beige-, to this you can add old lamps, black and white photographs and retro objects, like a dryer without use or an old telephone, etc.

Hairdressing furniture

Now, depending on the style you have chosen, it is essential that you apply it to all your furniture, that is, achieve a correct style line between your products, your furniture, and your decoration. 

In this way, keep in mind to reinvent, in addition to the walls and floors, your furniture in general:

Main counter, waiting room, head washing, the cabinet where you show your products, bench for manicures and pedicures, bathrooms and of course, mirrors and chairs.

Your goal is to ensure that your beauty center, whether barbershop, hairdresser or spa, etc., reflects an identity of its own and also provides a welcoming, elegant and friendly environment.

Keep in mind that the furniture is not only crucial for its style but also its functionality, there is nothing worse than an uncomfortable head washing!

Do not underestimate the importance of the comfort your customers feel when they visit you, as it can be a fundamental factor for them to decide whether or not to return to your business.

Choose furniture comfortable to clean, durable, functional and repeat, very comfortable. Let them talk about your style and your essence.